Global Uv Curing Lamps Market to Witness Stellar Growth Rate in the Next 10 Years

Global UV Curing Lamps Market: Introduction

UV curing is a unique way in which coatings, varnishes, ink, adhesives and others are cured using polymerization instead of using methods which involve evaporation or heating. Inks, varnishes, adhesives and other different types of photo initiators respond to different wavelengths of UV light for curing. Selection of a proper photo initiator is most important to achieve the desired speed and to balance the properties of cure films. UV LED a type of UV curing lamp is divided into two systems which are radical systems and cationic systems respectively. UV lamps are powered by ballasts. Ceramic end cap is used for the electrical insulation of the UV curing lamps. Some UV curing lamps have an aluminum polished reflector which increases the UV curing lamps efficiency. The UV curing systems are efficient and are preferred more than thermal coating methods. Mercury curing lamps will dominate the digital print sector until UV LED’s substitute it. Owing to the technology advancement, reduction in manufacturing time is observed. UV LED curing lamp takes less time to dry the adhesives, inks and coatings compared to the traditional lamps. The reduction in manufacturing time thereby reduces the manufacturing costs.

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Global UV Curing Lamps Market: Dynamics

Environmental improvements and new system capability has made a lot of demand for adoption of UV curing technology. Increased adoption of UV curing systems in end users like automotive, medical, chemical and other industries has created growth opportunities for the Global UV curing lamps market along with its different applications. Advances in printing industry and vehicle manufacturing is another factor leading to a rise in the Global UV curing lamps market.

UV LED curing lamps are eco-friendly and resource saving. There is a demand for shorter turnaround time for the job to be cured and also increasing demand for uncoated stocks that can be challenging with traditional lamps. These trends make the UV attractive in the market leading to a potential growth of Global UV curing lamps.

UV LED curing technology is now used in UV ink jet printing. Mercury based UV curing lamps will be replaced owing to United Nations ban on mercury by 2020. However, the LED based UV curing lamps have disadvantages too. The UV LED curing lamps react to specially formulated inks owing to their narrow wavelengths. Life span and maintenance costs of UV curing lamps are other factors which may slow down the growth of the Global UV curing lamp market. UV curing lamps require a high installation which may also affect the growth of the Global UV curing lamps market.

Global UV Curing Lamps Market: Segmentation

The global UV Curing lamps market can be segmented on the basis of product type, end use and applications as follows;

Segmentation by product type,

  • UV curing lamps
    • High pressure
    • Low pressure / amalgam lamps
    • Medium pressure
  • UV curing spot lamps
    • Moderate intensity
    • High intensity
  • 3D UV curing lamps
  • UV curing flood lamps
  • UV curing LED lamps
  • UV curing conveyor lamps

Segmentation by end-user,

  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
    • Paints & Coatings
    • Adhesives & Sealants
    • Inks & Dyes
  • Medical
  • Others

Segmentation by application,

  • Adhesive market
  • Masking market
  • Inks market
  • Coating market
  • Others

Global UV Curing Lamps Market: Region-wise Outlook

Owing to the recent advances in the technologies the regions of North America and Europe have been forecasted to hold the major shares for the global UV curing lamps market. The United States is the foremost consumer of the UV curing lamps. In future, the emerging countries of Latin America and Asia-Pacific are expected to have high demand for the UV curing lamps owing to its eco-friendly and resource saving feature which thereby leads to the growth of the consumer electronics industry in all these regions.

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Global UV Curing Lamps Market: Market Participants

  • Some of the examples of the market participants identified in the global UV curing lamps market are Nordson Corporation, Novachem Corporation Ltd, Primarc A Baldwin Company,  Dymax Corporation, Heraeus Holding, Hanovia, Uvexs Inc, Scheugenpflug AG, Phoseon Technology, GEW, Miltec uv, Benford uv.

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