More journalists killed in 9 months than all of 2017, says Reporters Without Borders

During the first 9 months of the year, 56 journalists were killed, a total that already exceeds the level of the whole of 2017, according to a count made by the NGO Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

“While 2017 was the least lethal year in the profession for 14 years, 2018 reverses this trend,” the association said in a statement released Thursday.

“Already 56 journalists have been killed because of their professional activities. Figures on the rise to which should be added more than a dozen cases under investigation by Reporters Without Borders, “adds the non-governmental organization.

The alarming death toll reminds us of the urgent need to further protect journalists.

The secretary general of RSF, Christophe Deloire

RSF is also asking for the appointment of a UN Special Representative for the Protection of Journalists, a measure supported by several states, including France, as well as “130 media, organizations and unions around the world”.

More in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is the deadliest country with 13 journalists killed since the beginning of the year, said RSF, recalling that on the only day of April 30, 10 journalists perished there.

That day, nine journalists lost their lives in a double bombing, including Shah Marai, chief photographer of AFP in Kabul. The same day, Ahmad Shah, a BBC correspondent, was murdered by gunmen in the east of the country.

Journalists in the spotlight

Moreover, while the number of professional reporters killed in Syria has fallen sharply (two since the beginning of the year as opposed to nine in 2017), this should not obscure, according to RSF, “the growing risks taken by Syrian citizen journalists. to testify to the conflict, “six of them, plus a media contributor, having died since 1 January.

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