Returning Soldier Finds Dog Given Away

Brandon Harker faced some unbelievable heartbreak when he returned home after his military tour in Afghansitan. He discovered that the individual he had entrusted with caring for his dog Oakley had given the animal away rather than continue to care for it.

Several people alerted Harker that they thought they had seen ads advertising Oakley for sale on various social media websites. The dog is about 2 years old, has been microchipped and is a yellow Labrador Retriever.

Harker did not identify the friend who betrayed his trust, saying only that he had no idea why this individual thought it would be alright to give away his dog.

Harker says that people should be aware of an unusual marking on the dog’s coat, spots extending from his nose all the way to his hind quarters, which are not at all usual on a pure-bred Labrador retriever.

Luckily, Harker has some good, clear photographs of Oakley that he is posting with notices on Craigslist and other media sites to spread the word as far as possible that he wants Oakley back. Harker has even established a page on Facebook to encourage other people across the country to be on the lookout for Oakley.

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